Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sort of a Date

Dress - thrifted
Tee - ?? (either Walmart or Target)
Belt - thrifted
Sandals - Vanderbuilt's
Ring - JCP

After Some Postman got home from work today, we went to the County Seat to pay for all our many vehicles' tags. That took a while, but not nearly as long as it would have been if we lived in a more populated county. We've heard that some folks have to wait in line for DAYS! Kansas updated their motor vehicles department computer systems, and they are having all kinds of glitches. One more really good reason to live out in the middle of nowhere!

So, after the pain of writing out that big ol' check at the court house, we traveled on down the road a little way to our favorite winery. I have eaten very little today, so I was careful to take small sips of the samples we tried. The lady working behind the counter was quite chatty (had she been sampling as well? he he) and quite generous with the samples. We went home with six bottles of wine. That should last us a while!

Some Postman and I have not gone out in a while, so I'm counting this as a date.

About the outfit...I'm not sure I really like wearing this dress as a jumper. Jumpers are just not my favorite thing; they remind me too much of the ugly school uniform jumpers I had to wear as a kid. However, it was too cool to wear it alone and I didn't want to wear the pink sweater shrug over it again. When we got home, I traded in the dress and sandals for fleece pants and thick socks & slippers. That north wind today is downright chilly! I'm not complaining, though. I'm soaking up this coolness as much as possible, to remember it next week when it gets stokin' hot again.


Grammy Goodwill said...

Do you have any mild weather? It sounds like you're living in extremes - very hot and now downright chilly! It's been very hot here. I'm going back to where we used to live to visit my best friend this weekend. I was anticipating days by the pool, but our weather has changed as well. I hope it won't be too cool.

Bflowers said...

I liked it better as the under layer rather than jumper style. Im trying to take advantage of the cooler weather by doing some baking! My usual liquor store is going out of business in July so I stopped in yesterday and got a few of my favorites including a dessert wine. I'd love to visit a winery and sample some wine instead of taking a risk buying the bottle. I got a Kris pinot a few months ago and ended up dumping it down the drain. I did NOT like it!