Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning was a very special one. A friend of mine was ordained during the late service. He worked hard for 6 years to achieve this...and the day finally arrived! I'd never witnessed an ordination before; it was so moving and inspiring! My eyes leaked a lot. I am so proud of Rev C! His lovely wife and two beautiful daughters and sweet mother-in-law stood beside him, so proud and happy, too. Praise God for such a willing family!

Yesterday was also Pentecost Sunday; the color on the altar is red. Rev. C's new Pastoral stole is also red. I had thought to wear red in honor of both occasions; however, I felt more like blending into the background, so I went with this neutral outfit instead.

White shirt - thrifted
Long skirt - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
White sandals - Vanderbuilt's

Now, I've always thought that the maxi length was not a good one for me, but this long skirt seems to work. Perhaps I should try on a maxi dress or two the next time I'm at Target.... Decided not to wear any jewelry other than small silver hoop earrings. The belt was enough decoration. Besides, a bracelet or big ring would have gotten in the way as I mixed punch and served cake at Rev. C's reception after church.

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