Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Sunday of Summer

And it's hotter than a jalapeno out there! I have to be honest - summer is my least favorite season. The heat and humidity causes me to swell, sweat, and swoon, and that just is not fun in my book. Maybe when our house gets air conditioning I will enjoy summer more, but for now, I just keep telling myself someday it will be fall again.

I found this cool, breezy skirt/dress on the clearance rack at Cato last week. The opportunity to shop at that fabulous little store rarely presents itself, as it is in a town I visit only about once a year, if that, so I took advantage of it. I've been wanting to try on some maxi dresses, and I did find one of those that I liked. The problem with being 5'2" is that maxi dresses puddle on the floor a good 6-8" even with heels on! This two-in-one piece fit me nicely, however, and the price was nice at $15.99. The straps are removable so it can be worn as a skirt - which, of course, means it puddles on the floor unless I fold the top down half-way instead of wearing it like normal, taller women would do.

Please ignore my half-asleep look in the photo. Yes, I was a bit drowsy from getting up so early, but there was only enough time for two quick pics and I had to be happy with what Some Postman got on the first try.

 2-in-1 worn as dress - Cato
Sandals - JCP
Earrings - from MIL's collection
Flower ring - JCP

 White sweater - JCP, I think?

I really preferred not wearing the sweater with the dress, but since I was helping to lead the Day of Prayer service during Sunday School, I figured I'd better cover up my shoulders.


Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm trying to figure out how that dress turns into a skirt. It would work for you, but let me tell you - no way for me. I have the smallest bust coupled with the largest hips. If I ever stretched the busty part over those wide hips, then my minimal bust would never be able to hold it up again - even with the straps. Brown is my new favorite color though.

Melissa said...

The picture on the tag shows the top pulled down as a kind of high-waisted skirt. Of course, the picture model is stick-thin and super-tall. ha ha! When I pulled it down with the elastic over my hips, it didn't look right. Not only was it too long, but that elastic might as well have had a neon sign pointing to my lumpy belly and hips. It looks much better pulled up a bit higher and with the elastic folded over on itself once. I'm hoping the elastic holds out well, because as I am losing weight, my bustline is shrinking, so it will have a harder time holding that dress up.