Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thrift Fashion Saturday

It's Saturday! Or as it's better known around here, Saleday! I visited several yard sales and one thrift store this morning and managed to find a few fashionable duds. Here's my haul for this week:

 For Boo:
Old Navy khaki shorts, turtle t-shirt, and swim trunks (50¢ each)
These will stay at Grammy's house so he won't need to skinny dip anymore and he'll have clean clothes in case he digs in the garden.

 Tops for me:
Black/cream sleeveless, 25¢ (fits and looks better on me than I imagined!)
Yellow tee, 50¢ (fits, a little brighter than I'd normally go for, but neon colors are popular)
NWT brown/green print, 50¢ (collar too tall for my short neck, sleeves too tight for my fat arms, not going to keep this one)

Bottoms, etc:
Pink plaid shorts, $1.50 (fit loosely, but that's fine - I can always take a tuck or two)
White scarf, 25¢ (too short to wear as a scarf, but plan to tie it to a purse)
Black cargo shorts/capris, 25¢ (I forgot that cargo style pants look terrible on me, and these have another strange problem - right above the cargo pocket is a seam that is tighter than the rest of the leg. ICK! Not keeping these!)

Overall, a fairly successful Saleday!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I am suffering from yard sale withdrawal. With our trip to WI, we haven't been able to hit any yard sales. By the way, I almost bought you a tray that had Kansas memorabilia stuff on it, but I wasn't sure if you are into decluttering like I am or not - so all I did was think the thought.