Friday, July 27, 2012

Closet Organization

Do you know how difficult it is to organize your closet, when you don't have a closet? It's a challenge! My closet was removed from its old location, in the laundry room, to a "temporary" location, in the room formerly known as our master bedroom but is now the place where we stuff things out of the way during the House Project. Our clothes rod hangs from the bare rafters and our clothes are covered with old bed sheets to keep the dust off. I keep most of my shoes in their boxes, but I do have an old built-in knick-knack shelf that I use for a shoe rack. This, also, is covered with a sheet. So, instead of opening a closet door to consider what I'm going to wear, I pull back dust-covered sheets. And sneeze.

Someday, I'm gonna have a real closet again!

Although, I'll admit, I do like all the room I have in my big "walk-around" closet. Ha ha!

At any rate, here's how I've been storing my belts:

Yes, it's a mess. I have tried to wind up the belts and sort them by size and/or color, but when I need a belt, since there are so many in the basket, all the rummaging around messes them up in a heartbeat. For my future closet, I will look into a better way to keep my belts organized, but for now, I used what I have on hand to make it easier to see what I've got.

Since there were only two pair of pants on my multiple-pants hanger, I used that to hang the belts that have buckles. Then I put the  hanger on the end of the clothes rod (and covered with a pillowcase) where I can see it at a glance.

The only bad thing about using this hanger for belts is that if I want that wide brown woven belt, I have to take all the other belts on that rod off in order to get to it.

The remaining belts went back into the basket:

To keep the fabric belts from getting tangled up, I put one of those broccoli rubber bands around each one. We'll see if they stay this neat and tidy...

Here's what I will get for my future closet:
The Round A Belt hanger will hold up to 40 belts, although I can see that it won't hold my wide elastic belts. Those will just have to go in a drawer, I guess. This hanger, as well as any other organization tool you may need, can be found at Their prices are quite reasonable and they have everything needed to organize your home. (I am not being paid to advertise for their website, it's just one that I happen to like.)

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Grammy Goodwill said...

That's a lot of belts. I have mine hanging over pegs on one of those racks.