Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Name is Melissa, and I am a Shoe-aholic

Trust me, if there were a "Shoe-Aholics Anonymous", my husband would think I needed to attend weekly meetings. Yes, I have a lot of shoes. As mentioned in a past post, at one time my shoes amounted to around 85 pair. Truthfully, though, that number was more likely over 100. I've just conveniently forgotten how many.

Due to the recent development of plantar fasciitis, as well as forcing my poor feet to bear more weight than they should, I am no longer able to wear many of the cute shoes in my collection. This saddens me greatly! But what's the point of having shoes in one's closet that are only going to sit there, looking cute, but never being worn? And so, today, I have culled the herd once again.

I am now down to a measly 60 pair of shoes, sandals and boots, including outdoor muck shoes. Oh, but I forgot about my old water shoes...so, 61 pair. Nah, I like round numbers, so the old water shoes don't count. Oh, wait, again...rain boots...so make that 62 pair. That's it, I promise, unless you count slippers, which I don't, because they are just extra thick socks. NOT shoes.

Many of the shoes I removed from my collection are being donated to the local thrift store, but a few pair have been set aside to list for sale on eBay.

Loredo cowgirl boots, Sofft loafers, Naturalizer kitten heels, Born sandals

No, these particular shoes were not culled due to causing me pain, but each of them does not fit just right in some fashion, so they are outta here. I have to admit...I did keep a couple pair of those "naughty" shoes, just because they are SO cute. And if I do wear them, it won't be for very long. Justifiable? Maybe...

Yesterday, I purchased a new pair of workout shoes at TradeHome Shoes. (Yes, I included them in the herd of 60 62.) The salesman measured my feet, and based on my foot issues, he recommended four different athletic shoes in my price range (under $50). His first recommendation was the one I ultimately chose:

These are Ryka OrthoLite cross trainers, perfect for my needs. I do indoor aerobic workouts on a carpeted floor, as well as walking on gravel roads. These shoes feel AMAZING on my poor old aching feet! They are designed by women, for women, and have the perfect shape and support. I just LOVE them! (And, no, I am not being paid by the company to say such things - they don't even know that I exist! LOL) I wore them while doing the rest of my shopping yesterday, and when I got home, my feet felt just fine. Yeah, shopping is a rough sport - you gotta have the right shoes for the job!

The salesman also showed me some insoles that can be placed inside any other shoe to make it more comfortable for the plantar fasciitis issues. Sadly, I forgot to look at the brand and specs on those, so I can't tell you more about them. I didn't buy them, either, but I do plan to get some eventually with the money from my eBay sales. This way, I won't have to get rid of all of my cute-but-not-supportive shoes! Just pop those insoles inside and let the comfort begin.

I'm so grateful that shoe makers are coming up with more and more styles that are both functional and beautiful. There's nothing that says "old lady" more than the orthopedic shoes of the past, and I really, really, REALLY don't EVER want to have to wear any of those ugly things! This shoe addict wants her cake, and to eat it, too.

Wall art, given to me last Christmas by my daughter, who knows me so well. 
It's still wearing the plastic corners because it's waiting to be hung on a wall when I have one in my bedroom. Or in my dressing room, if I'm able to turn the gable room into one of those.


Grammy Goodwill said...

I love your new blog design. And I love shoes, too. AND, you know, I think, that I suffer from plantar fascitis, too. Oh, AND I also used to have lots of shoes. Sadly, I had to give mine away, too. Now I only wear Clarks. My BFF swears by Naot, but they're too pricey for me. We could be such good buddies if we lived closer.

Melissa said...

Did you notice I changed the name of the blog a teensy bit, too? And I agree...you and I would be GREAT buddies if we lived closer to one another! But, as my good friend up in Michigan said...God knew if we were next door neighbors, we'd be too naughty together, so he separated us with a few hundred miles. Not sure I agree...LOL!