Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swimsuit Shopping - YIKES!!

At sister B's family swim party a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that my trusty old thrifted bathing suit has become past its prime. It was a challenge to move in the water and keep things decent, if you catch my drift. Plus, it was doing nothing to help conceal my many figure flaws. Time for a new one!

 Now, I don't know about you, but I truly detest swimsuit shopping. I've never looked good in a bathing suit, even when I was thinner. Today's selection of suits leaves very little to the imagination, and trying them on in the store just makes me want to run crying to the nearest airport for a flight to the Great White North, where I'd never, ever have to don such skimpy duds in public.

While it's rare that I'm able to find clothing that fits well by shopping online, it seemed preferable in this case. The swimwear available in my local stores is limited to bikinis only a stick thin model would dare to wear, and the few one-piece units on the rack look like something my grandma would wear. Yeah, I'm a grandma myself, but hey, I'm not THAT old! Most decent-but-still-cute-and-supportive suits online tend to be priced entirely too high (remember that anything I purchase MUST be a good deal). However, I found something that I think will meet all my needs, in a very unlikely place. - yep, that's right! I'm not overly fond of most of Walmart's offerings, but sometimes they surprise me! And you can't deny the value.

This little beauty has a vintage look that has ME written all over it! At $33 it's fairly affordable, too. See more details and the back view here: Shirred Halter Swimsuit.

My new suit should arrive by next Monday. I'm actually looking forward to trying it on - but I'm a little scared, too. What if I look like a beached pin-up whale??? Oh dear...


Bflowers said...

That is really cute! The style seems like it would be pretty forgiving. I'm anxious to know if it fits you well too. I'm glad you found it!

Grammy Goodwill said...

That is a pretty suit. I like it, too. Is that the color you bought? I like that, too. I hope you're pleased with it when it comes.

Melissa said...

Posting about the swimsuit must have sped up the FedEx man - it was sitting at my front door late this afternoon! Tried it on right away - and yes, I did get the red polka dot one - and I LOVE IT!! It's the perfect style for me. However, it's a little too big, so I'm going to exchange it for a size smaller. Woo-hoo!