Thursday, August 23, 2012


If you have known me very long at all, you know that I love cookies. Baking cookies, eating cookies, giving cookies as gifts, inventing new cookies, reading about cookies, and if I could draw, I'd doodle cookies. So when my friend LR from church found herself stretched to the limit and not having time to bake 20 dozen cookies herself, I happily volunteered to do the job. She insisted that I have a helper, so she recruited RS to help me.

I've been living the cookie life all week. Monday afternoon, I chose the recipes and made a shopping list. On Tuesday, the ingredients were purchased and assembled:

The next morning, my KitchenAid mixer got a workout cranking out three jumbo recipes; oatmeal raisin, Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip.

No cookie dough was snitched and eaten - primarily because I used store-bought eggs instead of my own chickens' supply. The extreme heat this summer has reduced their laying considerably, so I didn't have enough to spare for all this cookie dough. When I do use my girls' eggs to make cookie dough, there is plenty of nibbling going on. None of my family has ever gotten sick consuming raw egg originating from The Girls.

All this dough was stashed in the refrigerators overnight, then taken to the church this morning. RS and I met around 9am and turned the church kitchen into a cookie factory!

RS dipping Snickerdoodles in cinnamon sugar

Me scooping oatmeal raisin cookies

Our church has a nice large convection oven, so we were able to bake a lot of cookies at one time. It would have gone even faster if we'd had more than one cookie scoop to work with. I brought my Pampered Chef scoop, and had purchased a Faberware scoop at Walmart along with the ingredients on Tuesday. We scooped three cookies with the Faberware scoop and it was apparent that the thing was completely worthless. Guess what's being returned the next trip to town??? And guess what's being requested to purchase for the church kitchen the next time our resident Pampered Chef rep makes an order???

Three and a half hours later, the entire church smelled like Cookie Heaven and we had more than 25 dozen beautiful cookies.

These will be served this coming Sunday morning during a special Prayer Walk, organized by our Capital Campaign Prayer Team. All members of our congregation are invited to come spend an hour praying for each other, our various ministries and the building expansion project. May God bless the cookies, the prayers, the people and the project!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Now I want a chocolate chip cookie, or twelve. But, I always want them! What a nice thing for you to do. I love the idea of the Prayer Walk.