Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spending Time With My Bestie

Way back when I was a young newlywed, I thought that my husband was the only friend I needed. I had a few girlfriends from high school, but we weren't nearly as close as we'd been and rarely, if ever, did anything together. My husband was my world. Nothing wrong with that, doesn't take long before you figure out that making one person your entire world is taxing on your relationship with that person. It isn't reasonable to expect one's husband to be everything to you; he's a finite human being, just as I am.

This is why God blesses us with sisters and/or girlfriends. Who understands a woman better than another woman? There are plenty of things about us girls that men just don't get. And so, over the years, I have developed plenty of friendships with other women - my two sisters, ladies from church, neighbors, the gals in Book Club, my mom, a sister in Christ whom I have never met in person (we are email besties!), my dear Bestie Rox, and so many others! I think my relationship with my husband is much better off when I've had time with my "sisterchicks". (In case you don't know what a Sisterchick is, find out more here.) This past Monday was a Sisterchick Day for me and my Bestie, Rox.

First, we had breakfast and lots of conversation at Early Edition:

Then we went next door to the newly opened Goodwill store. I wish I'd taken a picture of us there, but I didn't think of it til later. We were there for a couple of hours! It's a really nice, clean, neat store and we loaded up a cart full of awesome stuff. I am so thrilled that now I can find fun Goodwill bargains just like my blogger friend Grammy Goodwill! One of my favorite finds from Monday's haul is a little black dress, new with tags - original price was $112, but I paid a mere $5.49!

All that bargain hunting made us hungry, so we tootled over to our favorite coffee spot, Radina's, where we shared a sandwich & salad and a big slice of Chocolate Turtle Cake - and coffee, of course. Mmm...good! Radina's is "our place" and I just can't go there without my Bestie - which is probably a good thing for the sake of my waistline!

Rox and I did a teensy bit more shopping at the mall - a quick hop into Victoria's Secret to use our "free panty" coupons - and then we hugged goodbye. Time for me to head home to Some Postman and for her to finish her to-do list.

Oh, how much I cherish the time spent with my Bestie! We laugh, hug, tease, eat, talk, goof around, shop, and sometimes we just sit quietly together. Just what we both needed, to refuel our "love pitchers" for our husbands and kids and everyone else that we care about.

Here's to you, Rox!


Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, how nice that you got to spend some time with your BFF. It sounds like you had a great day together. What a bonus that you got to spend some of it at my favorite place. Thanks for the shout out!

Bflowers said...

How fun for you both! Time with a sister chick is very important! I'm looking forward to tomorrow at the women's conference! I get to spend it with two very important ladies, my mom and my bestie, as well as at least 500 other sisters in Christ!!! Biblical encouragement, praise and worship, estrogen and chocolate! It's gonna be awesome!

Melissa said...

Have FUN at the women's conference! I do SO wish I could have gone with you - I'll enjoy hearing all about it, tho. Eat some chocolate for me! ;)