Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Morning After The Rain

We FINALLY got some rain!!!! Praise God, from Whom all blessings FLOW! It rained most of the day Friday and off-and-on Saturday. Today, of course, is muggy as all-get-out due to all the moisture in the air, but that's OK. The rain was desperately needed!

Because of the rain, I was forced to rearrange my craft / computer room. Sadly, the leak in the roof has made a comeback, and it rained on the computer desk again. The keyboard has always been the hardest hit by the leak, since it is directly under the hole in the ceiling, but it is still working! The desk is in poor shape, however. The right-hand drawers are swollen and totally stuck shut. That's where my thread, yarn, twine, inner facing and patches are stored! Once we have a dedicated office room, however, we'll be using a new desk for the computer, so even if we have to hack the drawers with an axe to get to my thread, it won't be any great loss. Rather than take any more chances with the computer getting wet again, I decided to move the desk to the opposite side of the room. It's a small room - about 9'x11' - so it was difficult to figure out how to arrange things. (There's a LOT in here, due to the remodeling going on in the rest of the house.) But, now the only thing in the leaky area of the room is a tall stool, on which rests a bucket to catch the drips. Yes, we will be getting a new roof, but until that happens, a stool holding a bucket will do the trick.

And so....outfit pics this morning were taken out on the WET front patio! It was not raining at the time, but I would have posed outdoors anyway. Rain is pretty awesome when so much of the country is in a drought!

 Dress - thrifted
Tank - Walmart
Sweater - can't remember
 Without the sweater
 Red seaglass necklace - eBay
Red belt - Walmart
Sandals - JCP, I think (I've had these a LONG time!)

This dress was purchased at a yard sale this summer, for $1, and it has sat in my altering pile for weeks. Last week, I finally got to it - cut off about 3 inches and hemmed it. My poor sewing machine doesn't like knits at all, despite having the correct needle for the job, so please don't look too closely at the stitching in that hem! It looks TERRIBLE!!! But since I'm the only one who will most likely peer at it, we're not going to worry about it. 

I'm not entirely sure this dress is a good look for me, after all. Maybe it's the tank underneath - but that was necessary in order to make it decent for church. Perhaps a different color would have been better? Or maybe I'll just let this dress go. Because it is a knit, it's not very cool to wear in the heat, even though it is a sundress. Sundresses should always be cotton, in my opinion. Or maybe silk. But that wouldn't be terribly practical.

Perhaps I can use this dress better in the fall. Picture it with tights and boots, with a jacket. about a leather jacket? I don't have one, but I've seen that leather is going to be THE look this fall. Guess what I will be scouting for at Goodwill and the other thrift stores now? ;) All right...I'll hold onto the dress for now, just to see if I can make it work for fall.

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