Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunday Morning Surprise!

Surprise! A few of my Naked Ladies survived the drought and popped out of their hiding spots a few days ago. See how dry the ground is around them? We've had so little rain this summer, it's a wonder anything is even slightly green. But I did pour some used duck water on the places where the surprise lilies hibernate, when I could. All my flowers had to share the duck water, so they didn't get it every day - or even every other day. It was enough for these little ladies to make an appearance, however! Lilies of all sorts are my favorite flowers...they make me smile!

Another surprise:

Skirt, tank & cardigan - Dress Barn

OK, it's not too surprising, but I did color my hair back to its normal medium brown. The sun had really bleached out the caramel highlights I had put in for the summer and the roots with their smattering of gray were not blending in very well anymore. 

Last week, I stopped in the fairly new Dress Barn store in the mall. It's been there several months now, but I haven't taken the time to do more than one quick browse when they first opened. They've been there long enough to have a clearance section now, so that was where I shopped. Everything in the store really appealed to me! Dress Barn may be my new favorite clothing source. It used to be JC Penney's, but I've hardly shopped there since they stopped issuing coupons. And I'm not overly fond of most of their current designers. I tried on a bunch of things at Maurice's recently, and while I like their styles, they don't fit me well - I'm too lumpy for the regular sizes, but too small for the plus sizes. Dillards has some really nice things, but even the clearance prices are too steep for my wallet. Dress Barn's clearance isn't super cheap, but I really love the pieces I bought.

Check out the lace detail on the back of the cardigan!

 Nude sandals - Khol's

Peacock feather bangle bracelet - Walmart


Grammy Goodwill said...

Those lilies are gorgeous, and so are you. I really like this outfit. It suits you very well. The bracelet is certainly a fun piece, too.

Melissa said...

Why, thank you, Grammy! That certainly makes the money I spent on this outfit worthwhile. :)