Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Morning

Chambray dress - Walmart
Kitty cat - gift from friend TS

This is one of my favorite dresses, and it has hung in my closet for over a year, waiting for me to shed a few pounds. It fits again! Some Postman asked if it were new. Not new, but much loved! It has a matching fabric belt, but I like to switch it out with a contrasting one most of the time. This is a length of hand-made crocheted trim that my mother-in-law gave me years ago. A crafty friend of hers made dozens of strips of this stuff just to have something to do, and she gave it away to anyone who would take it. Mom G and I used it for various craft projects, but I saved this one length to use as a fashion accessory.

I'd admired the look of chambray and lace that I'd seen in fashion blogs a few months ago, so was happy to be able to try it out for myself with this outfit. The mix of simple fabric and delicate accessories really appeals to me.

Pearl necklace - thrifted
Earrings - from MIL's collection

Yikes! I do believe it is time for me to make a visit to the salon for my brows. I've tried to keep them up myself, but obviously I lack the talent.

Peep-toe Espadrilles - JCPenney

These adorable shoes were purchased in January, but this was the first time I'd found an outfit for them to join. Who knew it would be so difficult to wear denim shoes? Turns out, they don't necessarily look good with jeans. Too much denim. And oddly enough, very few of my dresses or skirts look right with them. I almost gave up and put them in the "go away" pile, but just didn't have the heart to send them away. I'm glad I held onto them! They go perfectly with this dress, I think.

Sunday afternoon, we packed a cooler with water bottles, picked up our son and drove to our old hometown to attend the annual Demolition Derby. We don't make it every year, but try to go as often as we can. The weather was perfect for the derby this time - the high for the day was only in the mid-90s with a light northerly breeze, and by the time we settled in the grandstands with the sun setting behind us, it was quite comfortable. Several years ago, it was 105° with a heat index of 115° and absolutely NO wind. Talk about miserable! Thank you, God, for giving us a break from the heat this day!

As we waited for the derby to begin, I enjoyed people watching. There's always quite a mix of folks at this event, but considering that our old hometown is a "cow town", and the rodeo concluded the night before, the prevailing fashions involved cowboy boots. I saw numerous pair of boots that were simply adorable! One girl wore a white skirt and top with turquoise ankle cowboy boots and a turquoise flower in her hair. Cute! Another girl wore a pretty turquoise sundress with pointy-toed brown cowboy boots. Many young, thin girls wore a simple t-shirt with jean shorts and highly decorated cowboy boots. Made me want to get a pair of super-cute cowboy boots for myself! I've got two very simple pair, one black and one brown, but I've drooled over some elaborate ones at Vanderbuilt's. Just not sure if I'd like red ones...or turquoise...or traditional brown. Gotta save my egg money, first!

I didn't have Some Postman take a picture of the outfit I wore to the derby. It wasn't that remarkable, except for my shoes. Denim capri pants, dark green with dark pink flowers top, and these cute shoes I bought recently on clearance at Target:

Cowboy boots wouldn't have looked right with my outfit, sadly. But these little sneaks did! And, if someone had spilled something icky on them, they could have been tossed in the washing machine. Print shoes can be a bit of a challenge to coordinate, but I think they are perfect for a little pattern mixing.

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