Thursday, August 9, 2012

You Learn Something New Every Day

I like to organize things. You've seen past posts about organizing my shoes, scarves, and belts. I'm always re-organizing everything around the house. For some reason, despite my love of organization, things don't stay organized. I think they jump around and mix themselves up when I'm not looking.

On Tuesday, I did some shopping at the mall in the City. We have a new Dress Barn store and I'd only visited it once before. The mall recently had their Dog Days sale, which I missed, but I hoped they'd still have some good summer clearance bargains. I was not disappointed! I spent $125 at Dress Barn (YIKES!) but I got a LOT for the money. Later, while I was in Victoria's Secret picking up some new undies, I chatted with the sales girl about bras. She asked if I was going to use my $10 off a bra coupon, and I said my drawer was full and I couldn't stuff another bra in there. She told me that she has over 60 bras (oh my! guess I'm not the only one who collects way more of something than she needs! LOL) and she stores them like they do there in the store for maximum capacity. When I told her how I store my bras....

...folded in half, with one cup mashed into the other, then all smashed on top of one another so I can close the drawer, the sales girl cringed. "I guess that's not the proper way to store bras?" No. It is not! Hmmm....this must be why the cups lose their shape and the underwires come out. Victoria's Secret is an expert on bras, so it would be wise to listen to their advice on bra storage. So, yesterday when the need to organize something hit me, I tackled my underwear drawer.

The top drawer now holds undies, slips and shapewear. My bras now share space with my socks, although this may have to change when winter arrives and the short socks are swapped out with thick, long socks that take up a lot more room. I was surprised at how many bras can be stored in a small space when they are placed like this:

These five bras are loosely stacked in about 1/3 of the drawer space. There is room for at least as many additional bras. Maybe I will use that $10 off coupon, after all!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

This is the third post I've read this week about bras. Isn't that amazing? I'll have to send you my own bra story - can't write it here! I didn't know about storing bras, and I'll have to share that tip with my daughter. (I always did them like you did.)