Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thrifty Fashion Saturday

The City nearest my little home in the country had a new Goodwill Store open for business this summer. Somehow, I failed to learn of this until just a few weeks ago, but I have been making good use of the knowledge since I received it! Almost every time I've gone grocery shopping, the outing has begun with a trip to Goodwill. My favorite bargains, of course, are the half-price ones. This week's color was yellow, and WOW did I score a GREAT deal on a yellow-tagged item!

Leather is one of the hot fashion trends this fall, and for some reason, it really appeals to me now (never has before!). At first I thought I'd try to find a skirt or jacket in black leather...but then decided that would be too "biker chick" to wear to church. After all, church is about the only reason this Frumpy Hausfrau has for dressing "up". However, a pair of cocoa brown leather pants is very doable for being fashionable at meetings or a date with Some Postman! And these cost a mere $2.50!!! Le sigh... They are too long for me, but my sewing mentor Mary is going to take a look at them tomorrow and give me her expert recommendation. With her advice, I should be wearing them as soon as the weather cools down!

The suede leather skirt, alas, is much too small for my hefty hips (a slim size 6), but I bought it anyway since it was just $1.50 at the little church-run thrift store in Town. I plan to list it on eBay to help pad my Shoe Fund. The vintage pink gingham apron is another Goodwill find. Its future may include being resold...but it might join my apron collection. I do adore aprons! The cowboy boots were purchased at a yard sale that my daughter and I perused this morning. I'm a sucker for cowboy boots, so I bought these even though they are a teensy bit big. So I'll wear thick socks. Finally, the shoes - those are fine Italian leather Bandolino pumps, purchased at the little church-run thrift store. Sadly, they don't fit me, but they will hopefully add to my Shoe Fund by selling for a nice profit on eBay.

This week has been terrific for finding great thrifty finds. I'm very pleased with the treasures I found this week, especially those awesome leather pants. Have you scored any fun bargains lately?

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