Friday, October 19, 2012

A Thumbs Down and a Thumbs Up

On Thursday, it was absolutely necessary that I get to Town to buy some groceries. My body was still recovering from donating blood for the Red Cross on Tuesday, but I got dressed and hopped in the car anyway. I really think that Tuesday's donation will be the last one for a while. I'd taken a year off, since donating seemed to affect me more adversely every time. Eight weeks ago, it went well, but this time it was back to blacking out and feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. My arm still hurts today and I have to take frequent sit-down breaks.

Anyway, this is what I wore for my grocery shopping venture yesterday:

Top - Target
Jeans - thrifted
Scarf - thrifted
Shoes - eBay

I just love this purple top! The layers across the front of it really camouflage lumpy-bumps well, despite this being a clingy knit. I'd bought it on clearance at Target a few weeks ago and decided to look for another color while I was out shopping yesterday. Alas, there are no more of this top at my Target! It is still online, however, so I may just have to place an order. ;) The main reason behind the trip to Target yesterday, however, was COWGIRL BOOTS!!! I've been stalking thrift stores for two years, hoping to find an affordable pair of western boots in dark brown. I did find one pair last fall, but the leather was pretty far gone, so I ended up tossing them (well..sort of...that's a long story!). Several pair of amazing cowgirl boots have called my name over at Vanderbuilt's, but they are out of my price range. And then...this week, Target put a bunch of their boots on sale for $30, including this simply lovely pair of cowgirl boots. They are comfortable, affordable, and just what I was looking for. You'll see them on the Frumpy Hausfrau soon!

This was not the outfit that I started out wearing on Thursday, however. Here's how the day began:

After taking several quick blog pics, I looked them over to make sure my eyes were open, head not cut off, etc, then took care of some loose ends around the house and headed outdoors to take care of the critters before leaving for Town. The more I walked around, the more uncomfortable I became. This sweater is just too big and too boxy. It does nothing for my shape. At first, I was just going to wear it to Town anyway, so I wouldn't have a late start to my day, but decided my day would go much better if I weren't uncomfortable in my clothes. And so I switched to the purple layer-front top and a scarf. Much better! That boxy argyle sweater was tossed into the donate box on my way out the door.

Oh...yes, I did get my hair cut. So much for growing it out. Ha!


Grammy Goodwill said...

I noticed your hair cut right away. And, I love that purple shirt and scarf. You look positively svelte, my dear.

Bflowers said...

I was thinking the same thing. You look good in that top!

Melissa said...

Thanks, both of you! I looked on, hoping to put a few more of those tops in my shopping cart...but they have sold out! boo hoo!