Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Old Standby

I know that I've worn this outfit many times, although I'm not sure I've posted it on my blog before. Maybe I have. If it looks familiar to you, then I guess I have!

Top - Cato via eBay
Pants - eBay
Earrings - thrifted

 Born Shoes - thrifted

Ring - NY Fashion Exchange

Some Postman and I went to Town yesterday after he was finished delivering the mail. He needed some House Project supplies and we needed a few groceries. It turns out that those shoes are not all that comfortable for walking all over stores. With some inserts, however, they should be fine. And those pants...dare I admit that they are maternity??? Yes, they are! When I had more tummy, they fit pretty well. Now that some of that blob has shrunk, the pants tend to droop at the waist, but they still fit nicely everywhere else. I'm going to attempt an alteration, but if that doesn't work, then I'll be on the hunt for a new pair of elastic waist pull-on knit boot-cut pants. I refuse to wear leggings or tapered-leg knit pants. Ick.

Yesterday morning, our kitty Tiger was nowhere to be found all morning. I was very concerned, because we'd heard coyotes howling VERY close to the house during the night, and coyotes think kitties make a good midnight snack. Toward noon, however, Tiger strolled across the front patio, fine and fancy! Apparently, he'd been out hunting. A few minutes after he'd been spotted on the patio, Etta Dachshund discovered him in the garage, chewing on a packrat:

Tiger the Mighty Packrat Hunter!

We were thankful that our kitty wasn't a snack and that he's earning his keep here on the farm! His sister Buttercup conquered a smaller packrat just a few days ago, too. Good job, kitties!

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