Sunday, October 14, 2012

One, Two, Three - Three Posts in One!

Life has been busy lately, so I've not had much time for blogging. It's quite possible that I'll be taking care of Boo more often now, too, so that will certainly cut into my time for almost everything. For some reason, when Boo is here, all I do is play with him and feed him. It seems I have forgotten how to balance taking care of a toddler and getting things done around the house. This must come with being a Grammy...

This is what I wore this past Wednesday for grocery shopping and other errands:

Tee - Walmart
Jeans - thrifted
Scarf - thrifted
Jacket - thrifted
Shoes - eBay

I wore the same purple tee yesterday with old brown sweatpants, which looked totally wonderful together. It didn't really matter how it looked, however; the point was to wear clothing that was already somewhat dirty because I played outside most of the day with Boo. We drew pictures with sidewalk chalk, tossed leaves in the air, fed the chickens, ran up and down the hill, planted stick "flags" in the dirt, picked up fallen apples and tossed rotten ones over the fence, and chased the ducks and cats all over the yard. About ten minutes before Mommy got off work, Boo wanted to read stories. And so....

We didn't even get through the second book!

The weather was quite warm and humid yesterday and was still like that this morning, so today's church outfit didn't include boots and tights, like I think would have looked best with this dress. But I really like the way the red looks with the dark brown.

 Dress - thrifted
Cami - Walmart
Shirt, used as tied jacket - thrifted
Flats - ummmm...Target? Payless?

Earrings - JCP
Necklace - thrifted

As soon as I am able to make an appointment, I will be getting my hair re-styled. I've been trying to grow it out, but it just looks ickier and ickier. It's time to admit that my fine, wavy hair just isn't going to look good worn very long at all. As much as I dislike having short hair, it seems that being over 40 has changed my hair to the point that it's time to wear it in a completely different way. Sigh...I hope it will be a good change...

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