Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday's Outfit, sort of...

 Jacket - NWT at Goodwill
Shirt - thrifted
Cord pants - JCP

 Preparing to head outside into the cold wind...
Scarf - ??? don't remember, but think it was thrifted

A closer look at the jacket. It looks kind of like leather, but it is a soft, almost velvety fabric with a sheen.
Earrings - from MIL's collection

Finally got a pair of brown cowgirl boots!
- Target

While I did like how this outfit looked, I ended up changing after I got home from town. There was a book club meeting that evening, and I wanted to be super comfortable for that. This dark red top fits kind of snugly across my tummy, so it looks - and feels - icky when I'm seated. And, as cute as the jacket is, it's not all that warm. That north wind kept pushing the mercury further down, so the long sleeve tee under a thick sweater was a better plan. And I ran out of time later in the day to take a pic of the altered outfit. 

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Peggy said...

yea! you got the boots! we have them in stone, got on sale - but I haven't worn them yet! Need to!