Friday, November 2, 2012

A Warm Fall Day

Yesterday's weather was certainly more like September than November, with the high near 80°. I had a meeting to attend in the afternoon, which didn't require dressing in anything special, but I did anyway. Seemed like a good opportunity to wear a skirt and booties!

Top - JCP
Skirt - Goodwill
Booties - Walmart
Earrings - JCP

Sorry the pic is so dark at the bottom that you can't really see the booties, and I didn't take the time for close-up shots. You can see a good picture of them here instead. This poor old top should probably be retired, considering how pilly it is, but I still really like it. 

Anyone out there have a cure for your skirt bunching up at your knees when you walk while wearing tights? This skirt is a wool blend, but it is lined, so it shouldn't have this problem. I found it highly annoying as I walked downtown, visiting the thrift stores. 

November has arrived, according to the calendar if not the weather, and that means Thanksgiving will soon be upon us! There is much to be done in preparation of our upcoming holiday travel plans as well as an early Christmas celebration with my youngest sister, plus all the other Christmas events at church and with extended family. Time to whip out the notebooks for much list-making!

I have saved all of my kids' old partially-used notebooks from their school days, and I use them to jot down my holiday to-do lists, gift lists, menus, etc. This is the last of my stash, but it should be enough for a couple more years. I've found that if I truly need to accomplish some goals, making lists is the best way to assure everything gets done, and in a timely manner. If I go about it willy-nilly, inevitably one or two very important details are omitted and I feel rotten about it. Gotta keep my ducks in a row! (Yes, ducks really DO walk in a row. Especially dancing ducks!)

Another helpful element to my getting things done are my calendars. Yes, I have multiple calendars! One in the kitchen, which is the "family calendar" where church and family events, birthdays and anniversaries are posted; and two in my Green Room. 

These two planning calendars are my brain on paper. Without them, I would forget where I am going and when. The larger one posts appointments, meetings, events and deadlines. You may note that it's not filled in very much...yet. By the end of today, it will be loaded! The smaller one is my health journal, in which I record my exercise on a daily (OK, somewhat daily) basis and my weight/measurements once a month. At the beginning of the year, I also kept track of my food intake in this one, but that has long since fallen by the wayside. 

Yes, I do keep my planners on my ironing board. It's just the right height at which to stand and write, and I can leave the planners open for viewing all the time. My coupon caddy is on the other side of the iron; it's also necessary to keep out in the open for instant access. If the need arises to use the iron, the other stuff can easily be moved to the floor. The ironing board is also used for craft & sewing projects, cutting coupons and packing eBay and Etsy sales for shipping. Guess maybe when we are done with the House Project and my Green Room can be relieved of the computer and office equipment, I should purchase a second ironing board (an antique wooden one??) for all the non-ironing purposes. Hmmm....I like that idea!

And with that thought, I'm off to start making some lists...

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