Friday, December 28, 2012

A Sunday in December

Merona top - Target
Coldwater Creek skirt - thrifted
Belt - Walmart
Boots - JCP
Earrings - hmmm...

There was just something about this outfit that I didn't like. Can't put my finger on it, but it simply had something wrong with it. Maybe it's the seems too matte against the velvet skirt. The neckline helps, and adding the belt did make a big difference, but it still seems to be lacking something. Ah well - it was comfortable and warm!

This skirt used to be quite a bit longer; I whacked off a good six inches. It was nice and warm, like wearing a blanket, when it was ankle-length, but long skirts tend to make me look even stumpier than I am. Here's how I wore it long last winter:

It's really not that bad long, I guess, but I do like it better knee-length. Now if I can just figure out the right top to wear with it...any suggestions?


Bflowers said...

Maybe a different color would have looked better? I like the look of the skirt shorter on you. Much better

Melissa said...

Yes, I think navy would have been better, but sadly I have no navy tops! Perhaps I'd better go shopping. :)