Monday, December 10, 2012

Gray and White, Like a Winter's Day

When we left for church Sunday morning, it was in the mid-40s. By the time we walked out of the church, the north wind had picked up considerably and brought with it frigid temps. Brr! Even with heavy tights, layers and a wool coat, I was still cold! That will teach me to wear a summer dress in December!

Mossimo jacket - Target
Mossimo kimono dress - Target
Simply Vera tights - Kohl's
Gray flats - eBay

My Little Old Lady Dog wanted to pose with me...

I spent a good hour the night before getting this outfit together. The high contrast between the white dress and gray tights took a while to appeal to me, but it was not an option to go bare-legged. And the flats don't thrill me, but they are OK. I have a pair of gray booties that I liked better for making my legs look longer, but they were just a shade off from the tights, which didn't look good. This final result pleased me for the most part.

Necklace - made by my sister B
(worn with the pendant to the back)


Bflowers said...

Glad you said the pendant was on the back. I didn't recognize the necklace! I like the outfit. It looks really good. Too bad the booties didn't match up with the tights. That would have really looked good and more wintery. The summer dresses definately have to be layered over top of warmer garments and more layered on top for them to work well in winter.

Peggy said...

So cute. I almost bought that but it didn't look good on me. You look great! Haha my doggie is on my pic today too. Thanks for linking up

CC said...

Love that jacket! So cute. And the white dress with the grey tights look lovely. :)

Melissa said...

Yeah, I really liked how the booties looked better, except for that clashing factor. I thought about wearing different tights, but nothing else looked good with the dress. Made do with what I had!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Peggy! You inspire me to find ways to wear those fun bargains from Target. It's a challenge for me, due to my body shape, but it's worth the effort!

Melissa said...

Thanks, CC! :)