Saturday, January 12, 2013


Last time I posted a blog was Jan 1, almost two weeks ago. It's not that I've been overly busy, although I have had a lot going on. Most days, I even dress fairly decently. It's just been difficult adjusting to having another person in the house all day. You see, our son has moved back home to live for a while, until he can find a job and get back on his feet. One of my birdies has returned to the nest, and this Mama Bird is still trying to figure out an adjusted routine.

Add to that the ongoing House Project - it's time to work above the floorboards in the old master bedroom, now that Some Postman is finished with underneath the floorboards. Since he blew out our old closets in the laundry room a year or two ago, our clothes have been hanging in the master bedroom. It's been like having a giant walk-in closet! Now the clothes must return to the laundry room, sans closet, so the dust can fly in the bedroom. I am trying to find spots all over the house for the rest of the things we had stored in there, too. Like my shoes...scarves...Boo's plants...

I'm getting all discombobulated again.


On the up side, I went through my closet and removed a bunch of things I haven't worn. Forget "use it or lose it"! Time to simply LOSE IT! I've come to realize that I buy entirely too many clothes at thrift stores, yard sales and clearance racks that don't go with anything else I already own. Then those pieces sit in my closet, taking up space and rarely, if ever, get worn. Not sure I will be able to stop this bad habit entirely, as I simply ADORE bargain shopping, but the goal is to be more particular about what I actually purchase. Another thing I noticed as I edited my closet is that I have a lot more dress clothes than casual clothes. The only place I wear dress clothes is church, and less than a handful of other occasions. I guess it's more fun to buy dressy clothes than everyday ones, but I need to cut that back considerably, since my "job" as a Frumpy Hausfrau doesn't require such attire.

Can't leave this post without an outfit photo, so if you will forgive the are my two Dachshunds sporting the same little coat that I found at Goodwill last week.

Etta doesn't like it much. I could barely get the top snap fastened! 
She is a stocky Dachshund. 

 The coat fits little old lady dog Abby much better. Abby has to live in the laundry room. 
It's kind of like Doggy Nursing Home. If she piddles on that hideous green floor,
it mops up easier. And she can't get lost in there like the rest of the house.


Peggy said...

too cute on the doggies! I'm sure that is an adjustment with your son moving home! We are adjusting to having my MIL living with us. And we are in the middle of the remodel - so I can totally relate to this post lady!!

Melissa said...

It's kind of nice to know I'm not the only one in this boat. :)