Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Attire

After culling my closet yesterday, it was obvious that I need to use what I have more creatively and not purchase any additional items for a while. Not sure I'll actually be able to do this, since the end of January is a great time for clearance rack bargains. Maybe I should make a list of pieces to look for specifically instead of just buying stuff willy-nilly.

At any rate, here's what I wore to church this morning. A good mix of new and old. Don't you just love the fab background in the photo? With yesterday's rearrangement of stuff, I'll have to do outfit shots in not-so-pretty places. At least it's somewhat neutral...

 No Boundaries dress - Goodwill (nwt!)
White tee - ?? probably Target
Gray tights - ?? Kohls?
Gray booties - Payless
I love the detail on these booties! 
They aren't the most comfy things to wear anymore, tho.
 My feet are getting pickier about what goes on them.

Today's pics were taken in the master bedroom. See that pink carpet? I've lived with pink in that room for over 16 years. Not only is the carpet pink, but the walls were paneled with barnwood painted PINK! Pepto Bismal pink. With baby blue trim. GAG! Before we moved into this house, I wanted the walls repainted, so at least the pink could be toned down, but I was informed that it would take many gallons of paint to cover that awful color and ultimately the barn wood would be removed. So I waited...and now, finally, the Pepto walls are gone. Soon, the Pepto carpet will be outta here, too! Oh, I am so looking forward to moving back into the master bedroom one of these days. Some Postman says it could happen in a year or two. I'd be willing to move back in even if the walls are unpainted and the windows untrimmed, just to have room to move around the bed as I make it in the mornings. Currently, our queen size bed, two chests of drawers, small dresser and a shelf unit are crammed into a 9' x 10' room. But, I think Some Postman probably wants to completely finish the room before we move the furniture back in, so he doesn't have to haul it out again to paint. So what's a few more months? I've waited this long. It will make the day we move back in that much sweeter!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I like this outfit. Seeing you in this dress makes me think of layering a similar gray dress that I have. Today would have been a good day for it. I actually wore a skirt to church with no hose. Very warm day for January.