Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Frumpy Snow Hare

Because a Snow Bunny I am not. I did see two cute fuzzy bunnies romping in the snow in the pasture next door early this morning. This Frumpy Hausfrau does not resemble an adorable tiny bunny; she's more like a thick layer of fat beneath the fuzzy fur kind of hare.

 Cato striped shirt - thrifted
Coldwater Creek sweater - thrifted
Faded Glory red corduroys - thrifted

 Wood Circle earrings - JCP
Carrot pin - thrifted

Earth Spirit boots - thrifted

Most of this outfit was thrifted! I'm not certain I care for the way it turned out. The colors blend fairly well, but it has a rather sloppy look. Tucking in the pants may have been a bad idea, but it sure did keep my legs warm. And those boots! I'd gotten them in the summer and tucked them away, forgetting all about them until I had to move my shoe collection from our "giant walk-in closet" to a tiny space in my sewing room/office. Sure wish I'd remembered them earlier this winter - my feet stayed cozy and warm while tromping thru slushy parking lots yesterday. 

The sweater may not be a keeper, after all, unless I wear a very lightweight shirt underneath. It's a cotton/poly blend, but you could roast a chicken in it! What with the annoying hot flashes my body is currently insistent upon, a roasting sweater is not a good wardrobe choice. Warm feet are fine; ultra-warm torso is not. 

The carrot pin, while cute, looks out of place. None of my necklaces seemed right, however, and since I rarely wear my vintage pins, thought I'd give one a go. Might have been better to go without a pin. 


Grammy Goodwill said...

Hey, I loved the whimsy of the carrot pin.

Melissa said...

Thanks! I thought it appropriate, considering I was comparing myself to a rabbit. ha ha!