Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bring on the Skirts!

It's been cold enough around here that wearing skirts even with tights or leggings just isn't very warm. But I am SO tired of pants! So, despite the cold north wind, last night I wore a skirt to church.

 Scarf - knitted by book club friend SK
Yellow shirt - ??? (It's so old, I have no idea where it came from!)
Apt. 9 skirt - thrifted
Mossimo western boots - Target

Up-close detail of the skirt hem

I cleaned out my mending basket a few weeks ago and ran across this skirt. My original plan was to cut off the bottom tiers of lace and fabric, making the top tier of lace the new hemline. However, because the lace makes the bottom 6 inches of the skirt more or less see-thru, I think the longer length is OK. (My photo doesn't show the transparency.) No jewelry with this outfit - the beading on the skirt carried the "bling" factor. I thought about wearing a bracelet or ring, but in the end thought it best to go without.


Grammy Goodwill said...

I like it. I wish I had some skirts I could wear to church. I still feel funny wearing pants, prob because I don't even have any dressy pants.

Melissa said...

Out here in the sticks, wearing jeans to church is perfectly acceptable, although I rarely do so. When I was growing up, we ALWAYS wore skirts and dresses to church, so that is what I am most comfortable wearing. I don't own but one pair of dress pants; since I don't have a job, they aren't a priority in my wardrobe.