Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Frumpy Hausfrau Returns

Even a mini-vacation set me back a bit from blogging! I've also found it more challenging to get outfit photos with Hungry Bird back in the nest, and one of my better photo areas out of commission. Add to that the fact that I'm feeling like a sausage, and you get fewer outfit posts. I know...you're so sad about that. Ha ha!

JC Penney's has not produced a coupon in over a year, since they began their new "square deal" plan. Until a few weeks ago, that is! I got a giant postcard in the mail that was also a $10 off coupon. While I've not found much to my liking at JCP in the past year or so, I did find this cute dress on clearance. After the coupon, it cost only $4! It will look better with heels instead of boots, but boots were necessary because of the snow on the ground.

 "Connected" dress - JCP
Riding boots - JCP
 Infinity shawl/scarf thingie - NY Fashion Exchange
(Pooka snooped into the picture!)
Necklace - thrifted

Did you notice the drywall in the background? Some Postman is working in the master bedroom and it's beginning to take shape! yay!

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