Monday, March 25, 2013

Cookies for the Party That Wasn't

On Friday, I baked a batch of my favorite Chocolate Truffle Cookies to be served on Saturday at an annual party that I host for my sisters, sisters-in-law, mother, daughter and nieces. We call it our "Little Women" Party, because many years ago, we sisters started a tradition of watching the 1996 movie version together at Christmas time. Over the years, the tradition shifted to have the get-together in January, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays was over. We had to move it to February one year due to weather and baby due dates, and most recently we switched the party date to Spring Break after one sister moved out of state. We used to always sit and watch the movie together, eating yummy snacks and passing a box of Kleenex. A few years ago, we decided to forego the movie in favor of more visiting time, since we don't get to see one another as often as before. And so the Little Women Party has evolved over the years to include all the females in our immediate family, exclude the movie (although for this year's party, I wanted to have it playing in the background if possible), have a theme of some sort, fancy foods, a gift of some kind for everyone and some kind of girly activity.

This year's party theme was "A Day at the Spa, Sort of". Sort of, because of the house remodel, we are limited in space and lack of proper decor and furnishings for a spa day. My menu consisted of yummy treats such as shrimp, crudites and dip, mini cinnamon rolls, plenty of chocolate, and various cookies. Sister Bev said she'd bring her foot spa along so we could do pedicures. I trimmed the wicks in a new tropical scented candle and arranged some silk flowers in a vase, the extent of my decorating.

And then a Big Snow Storm headed our way.


I made the tough decision to cancel the party. I love my sisters too much to have them risk their safety by driving in a blizzard. Our out-of-state sister was already in Kansas, so she quickly made arrangements to visit everyone she could, and then they headed back home a day early to keep ahead of the storm. (They made it home just in time, too!) The snow began in my area in the early afternoon on Saturday, with fierce winds blowing it into drifts. I was glad my girls weren't out in it, but I sure did miss seeing all of them!

And now I have a bunch of cookies and other treats just going to waste. Or rather, to my waist. 'Cuz we don't waste cookies around here!

These are the Chocolate Truffle Cookies:

Several years ago, I had a housekeeping job for an elderly lady who loved chocolate. She made these cookies one time and insisted I sample one. Oh, my! They are amazing! Bless Esther for sharing her recipe! It has become one of my favorite "special" recipes - made only for special occasions, because otherwise I'd never be able to stop eating them!

Chocolate Truffle Cookies

1¼ cups real butter, no substitutions, room temp
2¼ cups powdered sugar
1/3 cup baking cocoa
¼ cup sour cream, not light or fat free
1 tsp vanilla extract
2¼ cups all-purpose flour
2 cups dark chocolate chips
Chocolate sprinkles

Beat butter, powdered sugar and cocoa until light and fluffy. Beat in sour cream and vanilla. Add flour, stirring just until all is moistened. Stir in chocolate chips. Cover bowl and refrigerate at least one hour (3 or 4 is better).
Heat oven to 325° F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. Shape cookie dough into one-inch balls, roll in sprinkles, pressing sprinkles a bit to help them stick to the dough. Place balls two inches apart on baking sheet. Bake one sheet at a time for 10 minutes. Cool on baking sheet a couple of minutes, then remove to wire rack to cool completely. Try to wait a few minutes before sampling one so you don't burn your tongue.

It just doesn't feel right to let the year go by without a Little Women party, so I am thinking of a new date for my sisters to come have a spa day at my house. It will likely be after school is out, but I am determined that we WILL get together!

And now I'm going to eat a cookie....

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