Sunday, March 10, 2013

Someday, Spring Will Come

But not today....

It is cold, windy and precipitous today. The precipitation began as drizzle this morning, and now it is snowing. Tiny, pellet-like flakes, but snow nonetheless. I'm tired of winter weather, but as there is nothing I can do to change the weather, I shall make the best of it instead.

A little over a week ago, I placed an order for fleece-lined leggings on Amazon. I've seen other bloggers write about their wonderfully warm fleece lined tights; they purchased the tights at stores. Amazingly enough, no stores in my area sell these warm things. Why, in the middle of Kansas, where the snow is driven by a stiff north wind, is very little cold-weather wear sold in our stores? At least not at the stores I frequent. Thank goodness for online shopping! I researched buyer reviews on numerous brands and styles, settled on these fleece-lined leggings and popped a pair into my shopping cart, along with an ink cartridge for my thirsty printer. The leggings arrived in my mailbox a few days ago, and today's weather is perfect for giving them a go. The ink cartridge, apparently, is taking a row boat from China to get here.

 Mossimo sweater - Target
Merona skirt - thrifted
Riding boots - JCP
Cherries pendant - Hobby Lobby

The aqua color of this sweater is one of my favorites for spring! My order arrived on Wednesday last week (read about it in this post). This sweater doesn't look as good on me as it did on the model in the pictures, but when has any article of clothing EVER looked as good on me as a model? I'm the polar opposite of a model - short, stumpy and chubby! It's comfy and soft and the color is fabulous, so I'm keeping it. I'll be returning the gray dress and the sequin stripe sweatshirt. The gray dress would only fit someone with the hips of a 12-year old boy, and the sequin sweatshirt would have fit two of me inside it. Thankfully, returning items at Target is a breeze. Often, even when I'm shopping at the store itself, I'll just toss clothes in my cart to try them on at home rather than at the store, then return them later if they don't fit. When you're wearing forty layers and boots, it's just not fun to shuck everything in a dressing room, then pile it all back on. I'd much rather try on clothes at home.

As for the fleece lined leggings....I really like them! They are warm, comfortable and cozy. Many reviewers mentioned a "chemical smell" associated with almost all the ones I looked at, but this pair has only a faint odor. I took the advice of others and purchased a size XXL. Aside from the fact that the leggings are about 4 inches too long, they fit well. Almost all pants and tights are too long for me anyway, so this is nothing new. Remember...I'm an anti-model... Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase and plan to wear these leggings as long as the snow continues to fly.

Oh, I suppose I should mention the drill in my outfit you know, we are undergoing a House Project - a complete and total remodel of our house. Some Postman is working in the master bedroom right now. As you can see, he is putting up new drywall right now. If you are a personal friend of mine on Facebook, you can see lots of before and during photos in my albums titled "House Project". (There aren't any "after" pics yet - except for the pantry. It's the only room/area that is completely finished!)

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Peggy said...

What a great color sweater! And the cherries are so cute. Thank you for linking up today! Wow we have a lot in common, the house remodel, love for Target and love for God! I need to get on FB and see your before and after photos.