Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Morning, St. Patrick's Day

I'm not Irish, at least not very much, but I did wear some green today.

 Leo & Nicole sweater - not sure...I've had it a long time...maybe Kohl's?
Worthington skirt - thrifted

 Scarf - made by my dear mother-in-law
Earrings - JCP
Bracelet - Walmart

American Eagle shoes - Payless

This will be the final wearing of that skirt. It's simply too big and hangs so low on my waist it ends up being several inches too long. I tried folding over the waist, which helped with the length, but created so much bulk at my waist that even the loose sweater couldn't hide it. I'll have to hunt for a new khaki pencil skirt.

As you can see in the background, the master bedroom is still in the process of being drywalled. Some Postman got the ceiling up; next are the walls. It's taking shape slowly!

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