Friday, March 22, 2013

The Crafty Hausfrau

I did a "craft" project yesterday. It was extremely simple, so it's stretching things to call it a craft, but I did adhere one object to another, so that counts, right? A long time ago, I pinned an idea on Pinterest for a magnetic Scrabble board. I wanted to make one to put on our screened-in porch, but the porch has yet to be built. So...I decided to make the magnetic letters anyway and just use them on the spare fridge in the mud room.

I dug out our ancient Scrabble game from the shed. (We used to have a game cabinet under the old stairway, but when Some Postman rebuilt the stairs, that cabinet disappeared. So we keep our games in a cardboard box out in the shed, until the storage shelves get built in the laundry room.) In that beat up game box was a baggy full of extra letter tiles I'd found at a yard sale eons ago. It's not a complete set - there's no J or V, and a few less other letters, but it will do. While watching TV last evening, I snipped up a sticky-backed magnet sheet and applied the pieces to the backs of the letter tiles. Then I stuck the tiles on the freezer door.

Yes, that's Harvest Gold you're looking at there!

I do believe this refrigerator is almost as old as me. We bought it used a long time ago, as a second fridge to keep eggs, produce and my "stashes" cold. Even though the kids have moved out...well, one is back...and theoretically we shouldn't need two refrigerators...I'm not giving up my second one. Once the ducks begin laying eggs and we have a summer garden, I'll need every square inch of that extra cooling space! It's not pretty, but until we upgrade the kitchen fridge, we'll keep this ancient Frigidaire that sounds like it's blasting off to the moon when the compressor motor kicks on.

The first Fridge Scrabble Game has been started!

And this morning, I discovered a subliminal message in the loose letters....


Grammy Goodwill said...

You made me laugh, Melissa. And, for the record, we also have a Harvest Gold refrigerator in our garage. It belonged to my brother who then donated it to my folks' lake house. When it was replaced, we put it in our basement. Then, when we moved 8 years ago, it went in our garage. They don't make them like that anymore, do they?

Bflowers said...

That's awesome, sis! Love it! I wish we had a second fridge in our garage. Our kitchen fridge is usually quite dark because of all the food crammed in there blocking the light. With two teen boys in the house it is essential to keep it packed full of food at all times!

Melissa said...

They surely don't make appliances to last as long as people anymore! But aren't you glad we don't have AVOCADO GREEN fridges??? Eek! LOL

Melissa said...

I remember the days of having hungry teens in the you want to come get my Harvest Gold fridge when we upgrade? ;)