Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Frumpy Hausfrau Strikes Again

Originally, I'd planned to do my grocery shopping today, Thursday. However, the weather forecast demanded a change in plans, so I went yesterday instead. I'm very glad I did! Yesterday was cool, but sunny. The car warmed up nicely while sitting in the sunshine in parking lots. Today it is icy cold, with gray clouds threatening a wintery mix of precipitation. A good day to stay at home and bake birthday cake! (Today is my Dachshund Etta's 8th birthday.)

At Dillon's, our local Kroger affiliate store, I saved 50% off my total bill using coupons and combining sales. My best deals: better than FREE Bailey's coffee creamer and 49¢ tubs of Mountain High yogurt. (My $1 off coupons exceeded the sale price of 79¢ on the creamers.) There goes my resolve to stop using flavored creamer....I just can't resist free stuff!

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