Friday, March 8, 2013

The Tipsy Hausfrau

No, I haven't been hitting the sauce! I'm giving you a "helpful household tip" -- so I'm tip-sy!

Yeah, lame play on words. Please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me.

At any rate, here's your tip from the Frumpy Hausfrau:

Got a little bit of coffee left over that won't fit in your cup? Give it to your plants to drink! Houseplants love coffee; it makes them perk up like somebody said "reach for the sky, pardner!" Coffee is plant Viagra. I used to have an airplane plant (aka spider plant) that was mostly limp and sleepy looking. Every time I gave it a drink of leftover coffee, within minutes, its leaves were almost perpendicular! Sadly, that airplane plant didn't survive, but I think it was because of being transplanted rather than OD'ing on caffeine.

Here's another coffee-tip for plants:  Save your used coffee grounds for the garden. I have a plastic container out in the garage where I dump my used grounds. When it gets full, my husband scatters the grounds on the garden. I think he puts the grounds near the plants' stalks. I've put some by my rose bush before. I don't know if that's good for it or not...but I figured it can't hurt too much. That rose bush has survived all kinds of abuse and "tending" from me, a black thumb if ever there were one.

Considering my ability (or lack thereof) to keep plants alive, maybe you shouldn't pay much attention to these coffee tips after all. But I heard them from others who DO have green thumbs, so they must work for some folks! Good luck!

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