Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last Day of Fun Socks Week!

Yesterday was a long, tiring day. Much of it was spent at the church, working at a funeral lunch. Not only did I help prepare, serve and clean up with that, but also did some organizing in the church library and the kitchen. Afterward, another lady and I delivered to residents of the local nursing home a bunch of flowers that our ladies' group had potted the night before. Then I took some of the leftover food to my daughter, who was ailing from a nasty migraine. By the time I got home, it was time to do afternoon chores and fix supper, and then wash two days' worth of dirty dishes. Writing a blog post was the last thing I felt like doing by the end of the day!

Even though I was at a funeral yesterday, I still wore Fun Socks. They just didn't show, since I wore pants and closed shoes. I found these and two other pair of Snoopy socks with my summer clothes totes. They are printed with the date 2011, so I've had them for a while and can't remember where they were purchased.

Joe Cool!

Today is the last day of Fun Socks Week, but it's been so fun I plan to have another Fun Socks Week again soon! These are the Fun Socks I'm wearing today:

Ice Cream Cone Socks - Walmart

It's not as cold as it was the past few days, but still need a sweater today. Maybe by this afternoon I'll be able to take it off. I need to plant the pansies that were left over from our ladies' group project this afternoon and clean out the ducks' pond, so I'm sure between the work and the sun, the sweater will come off. No jewelry today - the sequins on the neckline of this shirt are carrying the "shiny" factor of this outfit.

 Merona shirt - Target
Mossimo sweater - Target
Daisy Fuentes jeans - not sure
(These jeans sat in my mending basket for a long time. I think I thrifted them, and planned to hem them and take a tuck in the waist. One day I needed clean jeans, pulled these out, rolled the cuffs, added a safety pin and called it good. I've been wearing them this way every since. Ha!)

Like the fancy shoes?
I plan on doing a lot of walking today, so proper footwear is a must, fashion be hanged!

Please pardon the wet hair in the photos. I've got a busy day ahead and didn't want to wait for my hair to dry. And I'm off! Have a good weekend, folks!

Oh, yeah...I thought I'd share a funny shot. It looks like I'm getting ready to punch somebody's lights out. Gotta love the timer feature! LOL!

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