Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday Morning - and I'm still paying the price!

 L.E.I. dress - Walmart

I had originally planned to wear my new bird-print scarf with this dress, along with one of my new belts, but since I was serving Sunday School snacks, decided to keep it simpler. The scarf is rather bulky, so would have gotten in the way.

My sister-in-law made this wonderful bag for my birthday. She's sew-crazy and cranks out more finished projects in a week than I do in six months! In addition to the perfect-sized bag, she made coordinating accessories for it - tissue holder, glasses case and a couple of small zippered bags. I am not brave enough to attempt sewing a purse yet, but obviously there is no need for me to do so, since JG is so very proficient at it!

Because I kept accessories to a minimum, this loud belt carried out all accessory duties by itself. The earrings did coordinate, but in a small way, to allow the belt to blast away.

Crazy-quilt belt - thrifted
Premier Designs earrings (came as a set with a necklace) - PD home party

The shoes I wore for the photos were not the ones I ended up wearing to church. After ten minutes of walking around the house, my right heel had a big ol' icky blister on it. While these shoes are comfortable, my tender feet can't tolerated being bare in them. I tried a couple other pair of shoes before finally settling on my old brown ballet flats. (No photo.) Not as pretty with this outfit, but much easier on my feet. And that blister is still hurting! 

Softspots heeled loafers - thrifted

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Grammy Goodwill said...

That belt is a perfect accessory for your dress. I like all the colors in it, as well as the buckle.
Your sister did a great job on the purse, too. I really like the print.