Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Tipsy Hausfrau Wears Fruity Socks

It's Day Two of Fun Socks Week!

Today I'm wearing a fun pair of fruity socks. They have cherries on them!

No Boundaries socks - Walmart

These socks look cute with my striped shirt, don't you think?

Where will my Fun Socks take me today? Down the road for a walk in the rain! It reminded me of our recent visit to Seattle, until it started raining harder and the wind picked up. Then it felt like Kansas again. I found a few signs of spring along the way and in our yard.

Mama Cows that live next door. See the calf? There are more, but they were hidden.

Spring of the Leaf!

Grape Hyacinth in my front yard

One sopping wet Hausfrau!
Mossimo jacket - Target
I am so happy to be seeing some GREEN finally showing up around here! And seeing baby cows....and watching the ducks splash in their "pond". (I tried to snap a picture of the Dancing Ducks this morning, but they were camera shy.) Soon there will be tiny baby kittens in our barn, too! Buttercup gets an exam every morning from Cat Midwife Hausfrau. Her time is near!

And now a word from Tipsy Hausfrau - 

What does a Hausfrau do with Fun Socks that are stretched out and/or have holes in the toes? Use them as water bottle sleeves! The sock keeps the cold water bottle from sweating in warm weather, and protects the bottle from dents and dings as it gets tossed around in the car if it's going on the mail route with Some Postman. Plus, it makes the water bottle FUN! 

Are you wearing fun socks today???

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