Monday, April 15, 2013

Tweet Little Skirt

I have a thing for birds. Not only do I love to hear birds chirping in the trees, watch birds nibbling from the feeders outside my window, keep chickens in the backyard and enjoy our Dancing Ducks meander about the yard, but I also love to wear birds. Birds on t-shirts, bird print fabrics, bird jewelry...I love birds! Spring, of course, is the best season to wear all things bird, but birds are also good year-round.

Danskin Now t-shirt - Walmart
Maurice's shrug - Maurice's
Birdie Skirt - made by me

I'm pretty sure I got this necklace at Target.
I've posted about it before, but don't feel like digging thru past posts to find out for sure.

Born shoes - thrifted

Isn't this fabric FUN?! I love it so much, I actually bought it on two separate occasions at the fabric store! And so I decided to use one length of it to make a simple skirt. The one skirt pattern I have in my "library" uses panels, and I didn't want to break up the line of the print with seams going down the center, so I took a skirt out of my closet and used it for a pattern. I didn't quite cut the top of it correctly for the kind of waistband I planned, so I improvised and put in an elastic waist instead. Since I wear my shirts untucked most of the time, it really doesn't matter that the waist is elastic. I think I could have raised the hemline just a pinch higher, but it's OK like it is.

Looking at the photos of this outfit, I think I look like a granny, especially with those shoes! But they are such comfortable shoes...and I can't get to my sandals easily. (They are crammed in the back of the future closet behind me in the top pic. I have to lay on top of the junk in the front and "dive" for my shoes in the back. Not fun.) The outfit looks a little better without the jacket, but I needed the extra warmth of the sleeves. So...I look like a granny. Huh. Well, I am one, so there ya go!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

That is a cute print for your skirt. I'm amazed that you just looked at a skirt and made one for yourself.