Monday, May 20, 2013

This One Was Better in Theory

The components of this outfit are all things I truly enjoy - chambray, blue & yellow together, a skirt, my Dansko sandals. The trouble is that it appears the outfit was better in theory than it was in reality. And perhaps I need to snip some of the elastic in the waist of the chambray shirt. In one of the photos my hubby took, I look about 6 months pregnant! Egads! This was the better of the two photos he took, in which my upper regions look droopy, but at least I don't appear in need of a diaper bag shortly. Well, maybe it still does look like that. Sigh....OK, this really is an outfit FAIL! Just living up to my name, folks! They don't call me the FRUMPY Hausfrau for nothin'.

 No Boundaries top - Walmart
Old Navy skirt - thrifted
Dansko sandals - Trade Home Shoes

Earrings - JCP
Necklace - I can't remember, maybe Target?

On a more positive note, please notice the background in the photos. Some Postman got the walls painted in the master bedroom! It's beginning to look like I've imagined it would.


Grammy Goodwill said...

I like the skirt and the necklace. I just don't like the shirt with it. Maybe the shirt would look better with a straight skirt???
I'm glad your walls are painted. Yay!

Melissa said...

Yeah, I'm thinking a straight skirt would be better, or capri pants. Something more fitted.