Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun Socks Week II, Day 2 -- Flying Thru Monday

Some Postman has the day off today, which means there are three meals to be prepared at precise times today. He is a hungry mailman, especially when he is at home, working on the House Project! I've got a list of stuff (in my mind) that needs to be done today as well, so these socks should lend wings to my feet, don't you think?

Neon Butterfly Socks - Walmart

Here's the rest of my work-around-the-house outfit:

T-shirt -
Gloria Vanderbuilt denim shorts - thrifted

When I was young, in the late '80s, a peplum top looked pretty good on me. Not so much now! Well, at least not this one. Maybe something with a shorter peplum. Whatever. No one around here really cares, so it's no big deal! Besides, half the day I'm covered with an apron, so the peplum can't even be seen. And, now that I've worn this shirt for a while, I'm thinking of taking it off and putting on something else. This shirt has a weird smell to it that I really don't like. Kind of like weeds. Or that heavy woven silk that some suits are made of -- they always have a weird weedy odor about them (which is why I never buy anything made with that kind of silk!). Hopefully a trip through the washing machine will take care of the smell.


Grammy Goodwill said...

I hope you got rid of that smell.
Those socks are so neat. I think I'd take my shoes off all the time when wearing them, so people could see my butterfly. I love them!

Melissa said...

I'll do a load of wash in the morning with that shirt in it and we'll see if it smells better. If I could walk around in sock feet, I'd do it! Certain shoes allow the cute socks to peek out, but today I have to wear tennies. Too much heel pain.