Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Socks Week II, Day 3 -- Birds and a Cat

In case you've forgotten what day it is, it's....

Days of the Week Socks - Payless
Today I went grocery shopping. These adorable Tuesday Birdies were covered by my orange Dansko tennies, but I knew they were there! I didn't find any great bargains at the grocery store today; mostly I stocked up on produce and staples. However, I did find a sweet pink lace dress on clearance at Walmart. I have yet to try it on, and considering it's a Jr size XXL, I'm not entirely certain it will fit. But if it's close, and if I like it well enough, I'm pretty sure I can alter it. The dress was supposed to have a neon belt with it (the matching white lace dress had a neon yellow belt), but it was missing. (Hmmmm....I wonder where it went???) I'm sure I have something in my belt collection that will work just fine.

I was out doing morning chores when I took pics of my fun socks. Look who joined me on the Pet Rock:

Smell my feet, Buttercup?

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I like wearing funny socks, too. Like you said, even when nobody can see them, I know I'm wearing them.