Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am a Sailor's Daughter

Nautical clothing, to me, is classic and timeless. My Daddy was in the US Navy, so, being a daddy's girl, sailor dresses and natty duds have always appealed to me. Yesterday's thrifting excursion yielded only a single clothing find - a long rectangular scarf in a navy/white/yellow nautical print. It cost me a whopping 50¢! Of course, it was absolutely necessary for me to wear my new natty scarf to church this morning.

Worthington classic white shirt - JCP
Cato skirt - thrifted

(My camera was listing a bit for that photo!)

Natty scarf - thrifted

I had a bit of a difficult time figuring out how to wear the scarf with a collared shirt. Since I'm not talented at tying sailor knots, this was the best I came up with. It worked!

Classic style and lines requires a classic shoe to finish off the outfit well. So glad I found these peep-toe comfort pumps at the thrift store last summer!

Didn't get a close-up photo of my jewelry, but I kept it simple with plain gold hoop earrings. My purse did not coordinate with the outfit very well (a brown pleather handbag), but I ran out of time to figure out what purse would have worked. My purse collection needs an overhaul. That's a post for another day!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

What a great buy on that scarf. You did a good job tying it to go with the collar on your shirt. I haven't mastered that skill yet. I also like your pumps. I got a few baby things at yard sales yesterday - nothing for me.