Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of Ostriches, Sad Boots and Taxidermy for Crazy Ladies

This morning when I asked Some Postman to take some outfit pics for me, he said "we haven't done that in a while!" No, we haven't. Why? Because I haven't felt like it. I haven't wanted to see pictures of myself and face what I truly look like. My mood has been low, so I really haven't given two hoots about what I've been wearing. And since this blog doesn't have a large following, who really cares if there haven't been any outfit posts in a couple of weeks? But....I forced myself to put together a decent outfit today and have pictures taken, simply because I need to get my head out of the sand and face facts. I put on my Big Girl underpants - literally - and got dressed.

Dress - thrifted

Yes, I'm wearing under-armor fit for a fat girl under this dress. Not just to hold in my lumps, although that is a good reason. Those undies that "go all the way up" also act as an unseen back brace. It kept my back from spasming all through church, and I was able to stand and sit without lurching or gasping. That would have been inappropriate, even for a frump.

Bracelet - thrifted

This bracelet was missing a ring for the clasp to grasp, so I added one this morning. Made it much easier to put the bracelet on with one hand! 

Born BOC sandals - Vanderbuilt's

Born makes the very best footwear for people with plantar fasciitis, I'm telling you! These cute little strappy sandals are so very comfortable, I could wear them all day long and be nearly pain-free. Whenever Vanderbuilt's has a half-off sale, my shoe collection grows by at least one pair! (Oh, my, there was the MOST ADORABLE pair of cowgirl boots marked down to $49. Sadly, the heel was too high and made my stupid feet feel like they were embedded with glass, so I had to leave them at the store. I would LOVE to have purchased those beauties, though! And they had a wonderful pair of cognac colored Born riding boots for $49, too, that were nice and flat heeled....but too tall and narrow for my short and chubby self. Such great bargains on boots - but none to go home with me! Sad, sad, truly sad...)

Handmade Dachshund purse - eBay

Last Sunday, I wore my Dachshund earrings in memory of my Little Old Lady Dog, Abby; this week, I carried my Dachshund purse. I told Some Postman that if it had been possible, I'd have had Abby stuffed and mounted so I could carry her taxidermied puppy body with me everywhere. Yeah, that would throw me completely into the creepy lady section of the bargain bin! I do miss my long little doggie, but she is with me in spirit. And Etta Pooka stays nearby all the time, which is a great comfort. Stay tuned to see what Dachshund-themed clothing item I purchased via Amazon will be featured in next Sunday's outfit, assuming it arrives in time.


Jean said...

Hi, I am a follower. I really like your blog. I especially appreciate your honesty. I lived in K. C., for awhile, as a young person, and went to college in Hesston, Kansas. It was a great experience and your blog reminds me of that time. Also, I am a person of faith and I appreciate hearing about your life. Thank you so much for taking the time to post! I hope you won't feel self conscious, now that I commented!

Melissa said...

Hi, Jean! I'm glad to meet a new follower of my blog. The few followers I have, have become good friends (well, my sisters have always been my good friends!) and I'm happy to add new ones! I appreciate your comment so much - it means a lot to me that my little ol' blog brings someone else some enjoyment. And you've got a Kansas connection! :) Always good to "swap howdies" with a neighbor.

Blessings ~Melissa

twebsterarmstrong said...

I always said I would stuff Reuben the White Peacock when he died. Instead, I gave him (alive and well) to our farrier's wife.

BORN: one of the best shoe companies around...until they started making cheap soles that crack. Buyers beware, I think. Their older shoes were TREMENDOUSLY comfortable.

(PS - love the dress.)