Monday, June 17, 2013

The Demise of Fun Socks Week II

Alas, sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. I intended to post every day of Fun Socks Week II, but on Thursday, I felt like the proverbial headless chicken -- no post on Thursday. On Friday, I took pictures and composed a post in my mind, but was so exhausted by the end of the day I nearly fell asleep on my feet -- no post on Friday. Saturday morning, my dear husband declared his one Saturday off this month to be a date day for us in celebration of our 24th anniversary (which is actually today, June 17th). Of course, I gladly accepted and pitched ideas of blog posting out the window. (Sorry, blog, a day with Some Postman trumps you big time!) And so, Fun Socks Week II kind of fell off with a pfft.

Since I did take pictures and compose a mental post on Friday, I will see if I can re-create it for today. After all, on Friday, I wore my most favorite Fun Socks!

Bird Socks - Old Navy
Friday's post was to be titled "A Day in the Life of Fun Socks", taking you along wherever my Bird Socks took me.

In the morning, my Bird Socks hid inside my muck boots as I did outdoor chores. We cleaned the chickens' water pan, fed the chickens and gathered a couple of eggs.

This is Foxtrot, our one-legged duck. She gets special treatment during egg-laying months. Due to her disability, if she lays eggs, her body rebels and prolapses (meaning that her ova duct falls outside of her body). To prevent this, Foxtrot is not allowed to eat enough food for egg production. Given the large amount of yard we have, the only way to control her diet is to keep her in a small pen. At night, she has a confined area in the hen house, separating her from the food source. During the day, she stays in an enclosed pen out in the yard with a pan of water. We move the pen every day, so she "mows" a small section of yard every day. That is just enough food for her to live and not lay any eggs. I know, it seems harsh, but it's for her own best health. Her duckie friends hang out nearby her pen regularly, so she's not lonely. And she has a nice big dish pan of water to splash in. (And I toss her a bit of duck kibble sometimes, too.)

Next chore, watering the garden. I know, it looks more like I'm watering a bunch of weeds, but there are radishes, lettuce and carrots growing there, too. We've had poor luck with radishes the past few years, this year included. The tops grow like crazy and have no bulbous roots. Good thing chickens find radish greens tasty.

Some time later on Friday, I hopped in the car with my Bird Socks-covered feet in tennies to run some errands. Everything is so green in rural Kansas right now! Isn't it pretty?

Some Postman would like to have a windmill in our yard someday. No farm in Kansas is complete without a windmill!

Later in the afternoon, I kicked off the tennies - but left on the Bird Socks - and decided it was high time to re-organize the kitchen fridge freezer. How is it that it gets to be such a mess?! It seems that I'm continually organizing it, and yet the minute I turn my back, it looks like this again:

I found a few interesting things stuffed in the back....a very black, shrivelled banana; a baggy of cubes of applesauce baby food, made when Boo was first eating solid foods three years ago; a watch battery; a small container of unidentified frostbitten stuff. The chickens had a snack of that and some other frostbitten goodies. After much sorting and searching for suitable containers, here's what the freezer looks like now:

I'm hoping it will stay neat and tidy like this! To keep stuff from getting all jumbled together, I put all the meat and meat-substitute products in a container; all the veggies in that basket in the center; fruits in the pink lidded Tupperware; ice cream and the popsicle maker all the way to the right. Bread and breakfast items are on the top shelf with the ice. Pop ice for Some Postman and the doggies (he shares with them - it's so cute!) are kept in the door inside an empty ice cream carton, alongside cookies and baking needs. (I find that keeping cookies in the freezer keeps me from eating more than one, and it keeps them tasting fresh-baked much longer.)

After supper on Friday, Some Postman declared our master bedroom ready enough for us to move back into it, and so we spent the evening hauling our bed and dressers across the house. No pictures of that activity, but here is the end result:

We haven't found a bedding set that we like yet, so for now the old stuff will keep doing the job. I really like how the colors are working together! Next project: make some colorful throw pillows for a splash of pizzazz. And make some window coverings. Beach towels just aren't pretty.

So....Fun Socks Week II was kind of fun for me, at least. None of my followers (all 8 of them! LOL) shared any pics of their own fun socks, so perhaps I'm the only weirdo out there wearing wacky socks. But that's OK! Crazy socks make me happy.

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I enjoyed seeing where your bird socks to you. It's been way too hot here to even think about socks. I did look for a fun pair when I went to Kmart, but I didn't see any. Then we lost power and I've just been at loose ends. I'm so glad you're back in your bedroom. We missed ours just from the three nights we stayed at my daughter's.