Monday, July 29, 2013

A Cool, Rainy Day in July

Doesn't the title of this post seem out of place for someone who lives in the Flint Hills of Kansas? How often do we walk outside on a late July day, wearing a skirt and tee, get goosebumps and shivers, then run back indoors for a jacket and long pants? It's a rare thing, folks, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Because of the chilly damp weather, it felt like the perfect opportunity to wear this outfit to church. I'd gotten the dress a couple months ago, but knew I wanted to wear cowboy boots with it, so figured I'd have to wait until September. Thanks to the freakish weather pattern, I was able to don it in July!

No Boundaries pink lace dress - Walmart
Cardigan - Maurice's
Mossimo Western boots - Target

Pin - thrifted

This outfit turned out exactly as I'd imagined it when I saw the dress on the clearance rack at Walmart. It's a junior size 2X, so it's a bit loose and kind of big in the top, but since I'm not fond of clingy clothes, this works out well. The neckline did have some gaping issues, but that was easily solved by gathering the excess in the center and using this fun pin to hold it together. I love how the shells are made to look like flowers!

The dress was supposed to have a leather belt attached, but someone had removed it and made off with it. Considering that the only other dress like it (in white) on the rack had a neon pink belt, I am not sure I would have cared for it anyway. I considered wearing a brown leather belt, but decided that would be just a bit too much. A belt would probably be fine without the cardigan.

See how green everything is in the background of the pics? This is truly amazing for July in Kansas! Normally by this time, the grass is withering and the trees are turning brown, and the ground has giant crevices that will swallow up small dogs. Thank you, Father God, for the blessing of a cool, refreshing, rain-filled summer!

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