Sunday, July 21, 2013

Formerly Known As The Frumpy Hausfrau

Notice some changes on this blog? Yep, I've got a new title, new web address and a bit of a new look. Not much else is going to change, though. You'll still see posts about What a Hausfrau Wears, Favorite Kitchen Gadgets, random recipes and craft projects, and occasional bargain shopping. A name change seemed in order once again, as I shift my focus in this creative outlet one more time.

In my efforts to crawl out of that dark pit of depression that I fell into a couple months ago (again), and to take better care of myself and to renew my mind to think on things that are positive, it occurred to me that using the word "frumpy" in the title of my blog might be contributing ever so slightly to my negative self image. After all, to be frumpy is to be dull, plain or unfashionable...colorless, drab, with lack of care of appearance. How can I reverse that image of myself when the word stares me in the face every time I post a blog entry?

Over the past week, I've been mulling over various names, collecting input from family and friends, and came up with something I like:

Flint Hills Hausfrau

The name reflects the beautiful area in which I live, as well as the non-career path I've chosen for my life. Both are very positive things, and I hope the new name inspires beauty and simplicity both to me as a writer and you as a reader.

Welcome to my little farmhouse in the valley! Let's share a cup of coffee, a plate of fresh-from-the-oven cookies and enjoy a happy visit together!


Bflowers said...

Are the cookies gluten free? ;) I so wish I could just pop in for a cup of coffee, cookies, and a nice long chat!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I love your new name.

Jean said...

I like it! I find it so hard to give up safe, though negative patterns of thoughts and beliefs. I applaud your honesty, as well, as your choice to change the messages you send yourself! Carry on and be gentle with yourself :)

Melissa said...

Of course the cookies are gluten free! They are also calorie free, fat free, and ultra nutritious, despite being made only with real butter, tons of sugar and the very best chocolate. Ha ha! You know I would love a "pop-in" any time from you!

Melissa said...

Thank you! :)

Melissa said...

Thank you, Jean! Like so many women, I have struggled with negative thoughts and self-talk all my life. Every once in a while, I get tired of it and try to change. Maybe now that I'm older, it will stick! I've certainly got a bunch of wonderful women role models to follow, and I am glad I have some gals who understand where I'm at. (((hugs)))