Sunday, July 7, 2013

In Honor of Little Old Lady Dog, Take Three

This scarf was simply too cute to resist! It's a great size and length, so will be quite versatile, once I learn how to arrange it. It was a challenge to find the best way to wear it this morning. Collared dresses present me with problems when it comes to scarves.

LEI dress - Walmart
Dansko sandals - Trade Home Shoes

Dachshund print scarf - Amazon
Silver hoop earrings - JCP

Silver bracelet - Walmart

I still miss my Little Old Lady Dog, Abby, but it is getting easier with time. And it helps so very much having Silly Miss Etta Pooka around. She follows me everywhere and snuggles with me and gives me puppy kisses. 

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I like your scarf, and it was perfect for the the Fourth of July holiday.
Did I ever tell you that I bought a stuffed animal of a cat that looked like Spunky? I sat and held it for a long time.
It does get easier, you're right.