Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bit of Progress in the Master Bedroom

It certainly took long enough, but we finally have real curtains on the windows in our master bedroom. No more beach towels! I never did find the fabric that existed in my imagination; one piece came close, but it would have been quite expensive. My goal was to find something simple, affordable, machine washable and at least similar to my imaginary curtains. It would have been nice to make the curtains myself, but store-bought was certainly an option. To keep it affordable, I ended up getting store-bought.

Walmart and Hobby Lobby ultimately had what I was looking for. The side panels in chocolate brown are Walmart's cheapo brand Mainstays; the swirly brown sheers in the center are some generic made-in-China for Hobby Lobby. I bought three pairs of the solid panels (they came with tie-backs) and the last three sheers on the peg. Since there are three windows in the bedroom, I put together three different looks, and Some Postman and I chose the one we liked best. Brown panels only, with tie-backs; swirly sheers only; and brown panels with a sheer in the middle. Thankfully, we both liked the same option...otherwise, we'd have had to ask Pooka Dog to cast her vote.

The winning option:

The rods also came from Walmart; they are Better Homes and Gardens. I like the little leaf accents at the ends.

Eventually, we will get the window frames stained and trimmed. And there will be trim along the bottom of the wall. Those are cool-weather projects. Right now, while it's still warm, Some Postman is building a new side porch. Oh, I can't wait to deck out that room!

Other than new bedroom furniture, which we will get....someday..., the master bedroom needs artwork and accents. I've got fabric chosen for some throw pillows to toss on the bed (next week's project), and I've looked at all kinds of pretty wall art at Hobby Lobby and Target. For now, I placed wall decals above my dresser. I'd originally bought these to put on the sewing room walls, but since those walls are already full, I put them in the bedroom. They may not stay forever, but for now they look nice. There's also some wall art behind the door, above the mirror. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It's been waiting all this time for a wall to hang upon!

Slowly but surely, this room is shaping into the cozy sanctuary that I've always hoped we would have. I'm taking my time because I want to be sure it's just how we want it. No settling for stuff that's just "okay" - it needs to be very close to what we have in mind. After all, Some Postman and I plan to live in this house until we croak, so it needs to be a place we love!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I love your window treatments. They look so rich against your walls. I'm reading and soaking up your thoughts about your cozy sanctuary - and then you add your line about living in the house until you croak. There went the mood. hehehe