Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Comfortably Put Together, a Blurry Quail and a New Friend

Am I the only one with this problem? I go away for three days, and it takes me a full week to catch up on everything. There was a weekend conference in Wichita that I attended, and since Sister B, aka Salty Hausfrau (my newly modified blogger name for her), lives nearby, I went down a day early to get in some quality Sister Time. I brought my camera along for the visit, but the only picture I took was of a classic car to show Some Postman when I got home. Imagine that! ME taking a picture of a CAR! Ha ha ha! B and I had a fabulous time together, drinking coffee, gabbing, thrifting, being goofy. We didn't want our time together to end! But not a single photo of us sad.

This is what I wore the second day of the conference. It is always a fairly casual atmosphere where jeans and tees are perfectly acceptable. However, I wanted to look somewhat put together, yet keep comfort the primary focus. The jacket came off for the drive home; the temperature had gotten close to 100° and even air conditioning couldn't keep me cool enough.

Faded Glory dress - Walmart
ny collection denim jacket - thrifted
Dansko sandals - TradeHome Shoes

Quail necklace - thrifted

I really wish the close-up of the necklace hadn't turned out so blurry. Sadly, this is the only pic I snapped of the necklace, so you'll just have to imagine it's a quail and not just a colorful blob on a chain.

The conference I attended was the annual Kansas Assembly of Leaders for the LWML. I saw many "old" friends from across the state and made a new friend during the Tea Party held Saturday morning. MJ and I discovered that we have MUCH in common; we are kindred spirits! It was not mere chance that we sat next to one another at that particular table - God wanted us to meet and spark up a friendship. That is the best part about these conferences...the lasting "sisterchick" friendships that are hatched and nourished! 

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