Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet Betsy!

Here she Betsy, my new sewing friend!

Betsy is wearing a striped dress of unknown brand and size -- I bought the dress at a yard sale for $1 and the tag had been removed. The reason Betsy is showing you a side view is so you can see the hemline. I did not realize that this was a maternity dress until I saw pictures of me wearing it! Betsy is going to help me turn this maternity dress into one with a hi-lo hemline. I've hesitated to buy anything hi-lo, mainly because it reminds me too much of the '80s, but also because it is a trend, and I would rather stick to classics. But...since I paid a mere dollar for this dress, it can't hurt to make it trendy, right?

Unlike me, Betsy had a difficult time adding bulk to her waist and hips. Singer seriously needs to make a dress form that is more sympathetic to the pear-shaped woman! Betsy's bust was adjusted to match mine, but unless I gave her a bigger chest, she couldn't also have a bigger waist and hips. OK, Singer...very few women are actually perfectly proportioned!!! At first I thought I would have to take Betsy back to the store and purchase a Bertha in her place (a size large/extra-large), but I knew that the smallest bust measurement Bertha could have would be at least two inches bigger than mine. Betsy and I put our heads together (ahem...well, my head and her pincushion) to come up with a solution. This is what we did:

Betsy now wears a belt made from the whacked-off bottom of a skirt I shortened last winter. I knew I saved that scrap of velvet for a reason! We decided not to worry about the hips, since I tend to wear things pretty loose over that area anyway. Hopefully she'll be able to take the belt off one of these days, but for now, we're both OK with it.

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