Friday, August 30, 2013

Three in a Row!

Today is Friday; it's been 8 days since I left for my little three-day escape from the Farm, and I think I am finally caught up on things around here. I think. Still have beans to pick, but I've been doing that every other day anyway. I was going to attempt canning the beans, but because I need a refresher lesson (the one and only lesson I've had in canning happened three years ago, and we've barely harvested a single bean since then, until now), I've opted for freezing them instead.

On Tuesday, I went grocery shopping. We were spoiled with milder summer temps for the first part of August, but this week the mercury is busting out the top. Keeping as cool as possible is the goal. While my outfit appears cool and breezy, as I mentioned before, this top is surprisingly good at keeping the heat in. It is definitely retiring to the back of the closet for a few more weeks!

Liz Claiborne top - JCP
Merona shorts -
Dansko vegan tennies - eBay

Of course, I'm a sucker for bird print fabrics, so when I saw these shorts go on sale at Target, they were immediately put into my online cart. I should have gotten a size smaller, as the waist gaps badly in the back. Using safety pins, I made temporary tucks in the back, but that created some odd wrinkling in the seat, so I moved the pins to the sides. Better, but a size smaller would be the best solution. I would have exchanged them at the brick-and-mortar Target on Tuesday, but hey, I was WEARING them! How do you make that exchange??? Besides, I didn't have the reciept with me. The shorts came with a cute navy blue with white polka dots cloth belt, but it didn't look right showing thru the white shirt, and I flat out refuse to tuck in this heat, so off went the belt.

Bracelet watch - thrifted
(See the awesome bird print?)

Bird earrings -

As mentioned in yesterday's post, my hair is driving me nutso. Putting it up like that keeps it out of my eyes, sure, but yikes, it's not pretty! Yesterday afternoon, I called my hair dresser, but she must be on vacation this week. Well, drat. I don't really want to wait to get this mop fixed, so I called the salon in town that I've gone to occasionally. I have an appointment later this morning. Here's hoping for a new 'do that I'll like...

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Grammy Goodwill said...

You're right. The outfit does LOOK cool. I like those shorts, and I really like the watch and earrings. Stay away from cats though. hehehe