Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two-tone Anonymity and Some Updates

This is a favorite summer outfit of mine. It's cool, comfortable and blends in to the background. It almost makes me invisible!

Christopher & Banks top - thrifted
Old Navy skirt - thrifted
Shell necklace - street vendor in Mexico

Clarks sandals - eBay

My hair has been giving me fits lately. It's growing out and being quite unruly in the process. The summer humidity makes it flip in all kinds of unattractive ways, making me look like a short-haired Medusa. Ugh! It's so tempting to go get it whacked off again, but I am resisting the urge because I really, really don't like it that short. I find that if I don't look in the mirror I can pretend that it looks fine. Sure hope I don't scare anybody that might happen to knock at the door....

In other, happier news, I was able to get my soap out of the mold yesterday! It's still very soft, but at least now it's able to dry out. I think perhaps I did not blenderize it long enough after trace. In a couple of weeks, I plan to make another batch (different recipe) so I'll have another shot at doing it right.

As for getting some window treatments in the master bedroom....oh, dear. It's not looking good, folks. The fabric pictured in my mind does not exist in reality. I truly don't want to settle for anything else, but unless I'm willing to pay a small fortune for custom-made fabric (and I'm NOT!), then I'm going to have to be happy with something else. This is what I found on, but I'm not positive I like stripes:

If I go with this fabric, it will end up costing about $112 plus tax and shipping. Or I could get these ready-made panels for about $60 plus tax (free shipping):

Please share your thoughts and opinions!


twebsterarmstrong said...

Your favorite summer outfit is terrific. It looks so "beach-resort". If it is comfortable, I would wear it every-other-day, if I were you.

As for your hair: Honey-Pie: when you turn 50, that very morning, your hair will turn into the Wrath of Medusa. So enjoy what you have now. I know of which I speak.

Melissa said...

Why, thank you, T! I'm afraid if I wear this outfit too often, it will become so stained it will look like one of my aprons. But maybe that isn't all bad...

Oh great, what other joys await me when I turn 50???? Ha ha!